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About Association of GCP and Clinical Research Development (AGCPCRD)


The Association for GCP and Clinical Research Development was founded in April and registered in June 2002, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Association is the first non-profit legal entity engaged in activities in the field of Good Clinical Practice and clinical research to be of public professional interest. These activities include: training of medical personnel for participation in international research and development projects on the territory of Bulgaria ensuring Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliance as well as opening and coordinating professional public discussions aiming to improve local legislation and harmonizing it with the one applicable in the European Union. The Association is aiming to contribute in a direct manner to the promotion of good governance in the medical field.


• Ensuring the rights of all patients in the Republic of Bulgaria as regards the ethical standards embodied in the Good Clinical Practice;
• Synchronizing of Bulgarian legislation with international rules for Good Clinical Practice;
• Development of programmes for familiarization of medical doctors and nurses with the rules for performance of research and development (R&D) activities in compliance with the international requirements of Good Clinical Practice in the medical field;
• Support and participation by all lawful means in enhancing the legislation, which governs the ethical standards in the provision of medical services;
• Improvement of the medical institutions’ work quality in relation with their participation in international R&D projects


The Association is managed and represented by a Management Board, which is elected by the General Meeting.

The current Management Board of the Association consists of:

· Dr. Milen Vrabevski, Chairman of the Board
• Dr. Ivaylo Tsanev
• Maria Bodurova
• Dr. Dimiter Engibarov
• MPharm. Monika Atanassova

The General Meeting is the Association’s supreme body comprising all of its members. Association members are divided into 3 ranks: Associate members, Regular members and Honorary members. The members of the Association may attend the General Meeting either in person or by proxy. Within the frameworks of the Association three forums have been organized in order to allow better communication and collaboration between members with similar activities in the field of clinical research. These forums are BUMEC, BUCIF and BUFER.


• The Association exists as a forum for members to express views and receive advice and support in improving the contribution of clinical research development.
• Attendance at workshops and other meetings for training of medical personnel to the requirements of GCP.
• Access to the results from Bulgaria’s participation in international R&D projects.
• Assure a favorable environment for participation of Bulgarian medical personnel in international projects; solicitation of international experts to lecture at the training courses organized by the Association.
• Membership in national or international organizations with similar or alike tasks and objectives.
• Access to information materials as regards R&D projects in the field of clinical medicine.
• Access to the leading European and international discussions on ethics and science in clinical research
• Free entrance for all events organised by the AGCPCRDBG


© 2002 AGCPCRD